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New Microsoft Surface Accessories that Improve User Experience!

small windows tablets

Today competition is very tough between companies that they often lose on the basis of mere decimals. Every tech company today is focusing on improvising their devices day by day. For a normal user or for an observer, we can only think that companies stop thinking about updates at a certain point or for a certain time period.  Let us take the example of the iPhone 11 that was launched a few weeks back. 

Now for a person having naive knowledge about the tech world he might think that Apple would now relax and watch its device being sold in the entire world but we don’t know that in addition to this enjoyment every company including Apple focuses on its next more improved version of its phone even on the launch date of its new model. This is how companies reach their goals, and this is how they are successful.

Today we will talk about the new features and accessories launched by the Microsoft company along with their surface model. There are many features, like the small windows tablet feature that has made the device more accessible. So let us discuss some of the accessories in detail, including the small windows tablet.

The surface dock!

The surface dock is one of the most important accessories that has been launched with the device itself. This dock can easily turn your portable device into a proper desktop computer. You can attach your cable with it to charge it, and you can also attach a mouse and keyboard along with other hardware devices in the USB ports given in the surface dock. It will cost you around 150 us dollars, but it is worth the money.small windows tablet

Surface pen and mouse!

Yes, the surface tablet now comes with a compatible mouse and pen that you can easily attach with Bluetooth by default. Both of these accessories also work on small window tablets. You can attach both of these devices with Bluetooth and by wires as well with the help of the surface dock that we have explained earlier. Now it depends on you whether you want to buy a wireless mouse or pen or one with wires and secondary accessibility service as well.  Both of these devices will cost you around a hundred to two hundred dollars depending upon the model you are purchasing, but then again, this is a new technology, and it’s worth the money spent.

Surface keyboards!

The third important accessory that is also compatible with small windows tablets is the surface keyboard. This is yet another exciting device that you can connect with your tab. Some people don’t find on-screen typing easy because of human   contact issues, and all so they prefer keyboards, and for those people, this device is a true gem. The best part is you can also attach it with the help of Bluetooth. For more accessories, visit our blog again!