Tips for Safely Using Tablet Devices

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The growing popularity of tablets has contributed to the rise in its usage among children. Such increased usage of tablets by children comes with its own risks though, and parents need to be aware of these safety issues.

Recent studies conclude that tablet usage among children aged from five to fifteen is increasing every year. Prolonged exposure to these devices can have adverse effects on the mental and physical health of children. This can hinder in their normal growth, which can interfere in their future health. However, there are different ways that parents can adopt in order to protect their children from excessive usage of tablets.

Expert Supervision

Children with their quick grasping skills will learn to use a tablet in a fair amount of time than most adults do. Moreover, while they are using the tablets, it is important on part of the parent to monitor their activities. This includes sitting alongside them and explaining the workings of the device. For older children, constantly monitoring their browsing history is vital to ensure that they never fall prey into unsafe websites.

Reducing Screen Time

Prolonged exposure to the tablet screen can have many negative health effects on children. It can lead to eyestrain and many other vision related issues that can affect kids for the rest of their life. Parents are recommended to keep a watch on the amount of time their children spend on tablets. In fact, kids should never be allowed to use tablets for more than 2 hours a day.

Making them Aware

Online safety is a topic that you must include in your discussions with your children. When they grow older enough to use the devices, they must be made aware of many cyber issues like cyber bullying, adult content, and other unsafe sites.

Preparing the Tablet

When buying Android or Apple tablets, it is necessary to convert the tablet to make it usable for a child. Parental controls are the best way to restrict viewing certain content for children. It is available on both Android and Apple devices in default and is accessible under the Settings menu.

Invest in Child Friendly Tablets

Investing in child friendly tablets like Leapfrog’s LeapPad Platinum, Amazon Fire Kids Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.0 Kids, etc., are the best ways to ensure their accessibility among children. They have child-friendly colorful design and inbuilt parental modes for safe usage by the children.