Tablets Vs Chromebooks – Which Is Better?

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Tablet PCs offer the functionalities of traditional laptops together with many other features. They are designed to offer online connectivity at low price tags and the key is portability.

Chromebooks are not much different from traditional laptops. Chromebooks can be considered a new wave of netbooks that are powered by the Chrome operating system designed by Google.

Chromebooks make use of the clamshell design of laptops, where tablets are much similar to smartphones. The tablets vs Chromebook comparison shared below will help you understand more on the key differences between the two devices.

Weight and Size

As Chromebooks are essentially laptops; they have the same shape and size of laptops. This means that Chromebooks will weigh around 2½ to 3 pounds, and will have dimensions near 12 inches width, 8 inches depth, and ¾ inches thickness.

On the other hand, even large tablets like iPad Pro 12.9 inch are lighter and thinner than the average Chromebook. Many users prefer the smaller 7-inch tablets that are half as thick as a Chromebook, and so they are much easy to use and carry.

Battery Life

Both tablets and Chromebooks are designed to be much efficient. Both the devices offer enough performance to deal with basic computing tasks on small batteries. Yet when battery life is considered, tablets outperform Chromebooks.

Even the best Chromebooks offer just eight hours of video playback, whereas most of the tablets can offer an average of eight hours of video playback. Some tablets like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 offer twelve hours of video playback.


It is true that Chromebooks have larger screens than tablets, but they offer inferior screen resolutions than that in tablets. Chromebooks have eleven-inch display and offer a standard 1366 x 768 resolution. The Google Chromebook Pixel is an exception, but its cost is four times that of an average Chromebook.

The display resolution of tablets depends on the size and price of the tablet. Small tablets have displays less than 1080p but most of the premium tablets offer display with higher resolutions.

The difference is in the technology used in the displays. Tablets use IPS panels that offer great viewing angles and color when compared to Chromebooks.