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Some Alternative Uses of Tablets you Might not Know

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Ever since the release of the first iPad tablet, it has remained a popular choice in many for a variety of purposes. From entertainment to work, tablet devices have earned immense popularity and it continues to do so.

Apart from its regular functions, tablets have many other different uses as well, which most users are unaware of. Tweaking a few settings and getting the right applications will help us find such alternative uses in a tablet.

Universal Remote

Tablets are designed with many features that make it a true alternative to any of our other devices. This is most relevant in the case of the TV remote, as some tablets can be used as a complete alternative to this gadget. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a built-in IR transmitter that makes it perfect for using as TV remote.

However, there are ways to integrate this feature into any tablet. Buying Harmony Home Hub or Bluemoo is a good way to convert your tablet into a TV remote control. The Bluetooth feature will further aid in controlling any smart devices at home along with using it for changing the TV channels.

Television Connectivity

Smart TVs offer an incredible range of connectivity options to stream content from mainstream streaming services. However, you can use your tablet to view its content on to the TV screen as well.

For iPads, Airplay can be used to project the tablets display in the TV. It is easy to set up and use and is thereby a great alternative to using conventional streaming services. Android users can rely on their app called AllCast to display their tablet content on the TV.

Desktop Accessibility

The sheer performance of desktop computers along with its bulkiness has made it an unreliable source for our needs when in motion. Tablets offer a way to access our desktops remotely from anywhere.

An app called Splashtop, available for both Android and iPad, can aid in remote access of your desktop PC through your tablet when on the go. It is available for download at a reasonable rate and is highly effective for remote accessing your home computer.

Wireless Transfer

Transferring contents between the tablet and computer can be done using applications built for both Android and iPad Tablets. Apple’s Airdrop application, which built in into the iPad, can be accessed via the Control Panel.

Android has a similar application called Airmore for connecting and transferring any content across devices. Enabling the feature can help send and receive files between devices effortlessly.