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How to Upgrade your iPad to iOS 11

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Upgrade Ipad To IOS 11

iOS 11 represents a leap taken by Apple in advancing its time-tested operating system. It comes with a new set of features and performance improvements that brings out the best in all of Apple’s devices whether the iPad or iPhone. iOS 11 has some notable features like the drag and drop, bug fixes, and a newly designed dock and task manager screen. It is rather easier to upgrade your iPad to the latest iOS 11.

Newly purchased devices from any wholesale tablets or retail stores may be available with iOS 11. Upgrading to iOS 11 is an effective way to improve the performance of your iPad and to enhance the security of your device. You can upgrade your device with iOS 11 either by using iTunes or through a Wi-Fi connection. Below is how to upgrade your iPad to iOS 11.

Upgrading Using Wi-Fi

Before carrying out the upgrade process, make sure that your iPad contains sufficient storage space. The new iOS 11 upgrade requires about 1.5 GB of free storage space. Moreover, make sure to plug in your device if the battery level is fewer than 50 percent. To upgrade using Wi-Fi,

First, open the Settings app and then tap on the General option located in the menu. On the subsequent menu, tap on the Software Update option to open the various update settings. Select the Download and Install option, which will begin the upgrade process.

Upgrading your iPad can take some time and the device will automatically reboot in the midst of the process. However, note that you may have to delete some apps or other files to clear space if you find the Download and Install button is grayed out. After the upgrade is completed, set up your iPad again from the start.

Upgrading Using iTunes

To upgrade your iPad with iOS 11 using iTunes you must first connect your device to a Mac or PC with the cable. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system. You will be prompted to install the latest version when opening iTunes. To upgrade your device to iOS 11,

Open iTunes after plugging in your iPad into the computer. It will automatically identify your device and the new OS available and will prompt you to install it. Click on Cancel as you may need to sync your iPad manually. This syncing will be carried out automatically after you clicked on the cancel button.

If iTunes does not automatically sync your iPad, you can sync it manually by selecting the device and clicking on Sync iPad from the File menu. Select your iPad that is located under the Devices tab. Select the Update button to begin upgrading your iPad.