How to Expand the Storage of your iPad

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The lack of an easy way to expand storage is one big drawback of living with an iPad. iPads do not support micro SD cards and the device does not have a true USB port. Therefore, you cannot just plug-in anything to the device for data transfer.

Earlier, 16 GB of internal memory was lot of storage, especially when you are not particular about having your complete movie collection in your iPad. But now, as the apps are becoming more and more powerful, 16 GB of space is not enough for the users.

In fact, some of the games these days touch the 2 GB mark, and this makes iPad users think about expanding the storage capacity of their iPads. So, what are your options? Let us see some of the methods that you can follow to improve the storage capacity of your iPad device.

Cloud Storage

The bitter truth is that there isn’t a way to expand storage for the apps, but you can expand storage for everything else. Expanding storage can leave plenty of space for the apps installed in your iPad, especially when you do not use your iPad for gaming. Using cloud storage to store images, documents, and videos is a great way to expand storage of your iPad.

iPads come with iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive, but the users can also use services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Cloud storage makes use of the internet as a secondary storage, which means that cloud storage make use of the storage space in some external location to meet your personal storage needs.

Stream Media

Streaming music and video is another great option to save space, as music and videos can use up lot of storage space. If you own digital movies on iTunes, you can make use of the Videos app to stream media directly on your iPad, without downloading them to the device. This is applicable for most of the digital video services like Amazon Instant Video.

There are many options to stream your music collection, out of which, the easiest way is to sign up for iTunes Match. This will analyze the iTunes collection of users and allow them to stream music to all their iOS devices. This also includes the music that you didn’t buy on iTunes.