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How to Download and Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon Fire tablets are affordable to buy from wholesale tablets dealers, have superior features like parental controls and voice assistant, and provide exclusive accesses to Amazon content and cloud storage. The default Appstore on Kindle Fire is an Amazon exclusive, so to install Google Play on Fire OS 5.0 or later, you would need a workaround.

In fact, Amazon Fire OS takes cues from Google Android, and so, both are similar operating systems under the hood. Since Google Play Store has many entertainment and productivity apps, both free and paid, installing the same on Kindle Fire tablets featuring will be needful to advanced users. Below is how to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets.

Steps to Follow

Pull down the notifications tray on the device, tap on Settings, scroll to Personal, and tap on Security. Then, just below Advanced, tap on Unknown Sources and enable it, which would allow you to download and install apps from sources other than Amazon Appstore. Tap on Ok upon prompt. Then you can ‘sideload’ the .apk file to Kindle Fire tablet.

For that, open the Amazon Silk browser on the device and search for the download links to .apk files for Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, Google Account Manager, and Google Play Store. Download all the files individually and install them on your device.

To download them one by one, tap on the respective links, tap OK when a prompt appears in the bottom-left screen, and tap on Done upon the download completion. To install the said .apk files, swipe from left to right on the tablet screen and tap Download in the subsequent menu. You can see the list of downloaded applications in the Download folder of Silk Browser.

Tap to open the Google Services Framework first up. Just as the installation wizard launches, scroll down the screen and tap on the Install button. Repeat the same process to install Google Play Services, Google Account Manager, and Google Play Store on the tablet. Once you are done installing all the Google apps on the Kindle Fire tablet, return to the device home screen and start using Play Store seamlessly as you want.