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How to Configure and Personalize Google Assistant on an Android Device

Android Tablet

Configure Google Assistant

Google Assistant is compatible with Android 6.0 or later. However to make it work, you also need Google app 6.13 or later, update Google Play Services, configure the Gmail account, and an Android device having 1.5 GB of memory and 720p screen resolution.

If you have logged into the primary Google account, but yet to configure Google Assistant on your Android tablet, you can start the configuration by launching Google Assistant from the home screen. For that, long press the Home button of your Android tablet and tap on Continue on the “Meet your personal Google Assistant” welcome screen. In the next screen which pops up on the device, tap on Yes, I’m In to grant permissions to Google Assistant.

To access Google Assistant, you can either long press the Home button on your Android tablet or say Ok Google with voice command enabled on the device. If you are configuring Google Assistant for the first time, Android will prompt you to configure voice activation, which involves repeating Ok Google three times over on the microphone of the device.

Google Assistant will pull details from Gmail, Google Photos, and other Google services including the Calendar events and Chrome browsing, so you need to tie the right Google Account. If you log into a secondary Gmail account and grant permissions to Google assistant by mistake at the beginning or if you change your Gmail account after configuration, you may need to change the same on Google Assistant as well.

For that, open Google Assistant by saying Ok Google and tap on the blue button in the top-right corner of the Android tablet. Now tap on Menu icon, go to Accounts, and then tap on the Account You Want to Use.

Google Assistant will answer to the queries you make regarding weather, traffic, web-related search queries, and so on. Changing the Google account is possible on Google Assistant provided that you tie the right account. In fact, you can also feed a nickname of your liking to Google Assistant so that it will address you by the nickname. For that, launch Google Assistant on your Android tablet, tap on the blue button and go to Menu > Settings > Personal Info > Nickname. Then, tap on Edit icon appearing next to the current name on Google Assistant, enter a new nickname and tap on Ok.