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Five Best Casings for Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab

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Featuring an array of specifications at once, the best wholesale tablets make it necessary for you to buy a cover to give it an all-round protection. Here are some tablets casing which would ensure you full access to the Galaxy S3 Tab, while giving both front and back protection at the same time. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab has launched to widespread expectations following the success of last year’s S2 Tab.

The Samsung Folio Case

Samsung Folio is the default casing for the S3 Tab, meaning you can fold this casing into three different standing angles. The casing makes a case for your robust tablet, but choosing this one over the Samsung keyboard case is a matter of choice actually. With the 9.7-inch size of the S3 Tab, you are going to hold the tablet a long time, hence you may as well get a palm rest.

IVSO Keyboard Case

The keyboard casing was at least $100 cheaper than the company official casing at one time, yet fits in a keyboard along with it even now. The keyboard gets charged up in roughly 3 hours and lasts an hour or so depending on the usage. The IVSO has a microfiber interior, a snap-fit back panel, and a kickstand. Further, the back panel can be decoupled from the front cover for convenient usage of the tablet.

Belk Premium Casing

The brown color casing made of leather is way thicker than most of the tablet casings found in Android tablet wholesale market. The thickness gauged from the Thermoplastic Polyurethane cover gives a shockproof protection to the S3 Tab from the inside. The casing offers single-handed usage to S3 Tab users and additional mesh pockets for storing credit cards and the like.

The KuGi Casing

It would seem the casings having Polyurethane leather and microfiber interior costs high. Yet the $60 casing for $600 wholesale tablets may be a great option for some, especially for those using Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab. The KuGi front cover folds into three viewing angles, giving techies full-screen legibility without having to turn on the “auto-rotate” feature. This would certainly be a grand way to watch YouTube videos.

The casings may come and go but the big deal is still the Galaxy S3 Tab and that is why you should buy a good looking case giving ample space in addition to the things mentioned.