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Five Battery Troubleshoots for Apple iPad

iPad Tablets

iPad Battery Troubleshooting

With each iPad tablets release, the battery life remains to be the important factor for a tablet user. It is said that the iPad tablets, in general, give users approximately 10 hours of battery life in standby mode. Below troubleshoots are for those who use their respective iPads for longer periods.

Adjust Screen Brightness

iPad tablets have no cheap tablet components and its screen brightness lightens colors and fonts in bright lighting conditions. The iOS 7 has auto brightness feature, which adjusts screen brightness as per room light. This feature has stayed on to the delight of Apple users. However, you can adjust the screen brightness to a low level for more battery backup.

Turn Off Event E-Mail Notifications

The Apple Calendar in iPad synchronizes with your device’s GPS and Wi-Fi. The Calendar sends push e-mail notifications consuming battery power without you knowing. Similarly, the e-mails are sent to notify regarding the events you have premeditated in the Calendar. To turn it off, go to Settings > View > Show Calendar List > Ignore Alerts and click OK.

Manage Applications Well

While your iPad is kept idle or when you are using running apps, Apple keeps refreshing the system apps leading to battery consumption. To manage the app widgets, go to Settings, tap on General Settings, and choose Background App Refresh. Here, you could turn off the refresh option for inactive apps completely or chose specific applications.

Install App Managers

The Battery Doctor app is available on iTunes for free. This application would let you figure out the application-wise battery consumption. In any case, it is very important to know which app is consuming a lion’s share of running power and which ones are not. After finding that, you can use the background app refresh feature accordingly.

Reduce Screen Motion

It is one trick to conserve iPad battery and make refurbished iPads seem all the more responsive. The iPad user interface has animatronics such as the parallax effect where wallpapers, applications, and alerts move and shift when you tilt the iPad. To disable that, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on Reduce Motion slider.