Few Simple Tips to Protect your Wi-Fi Network

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Almost all of us have started to settle for smartphones and tablets rather than buying laptops or PCs due to the increased popularity of these portable gadgets. These devices are a lot more convenient than most laptops and they offer many exciting features to us at an affordable price.

However, it is significant to note that almost all devices ranging from drones to secured government servers are highly prone to hacking. The Wi-Fi feature of your tablets can also be hacked. Therefore, you need to implement a few precautionary steps to safeguard it. Below are a few tips, which will effectively keep the hackers away from your device.

Set up WPA2

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2 allows you to secure your network effectively and it is an accurate choice for home users. This is the primary thing to do after buying a router, as it will offer encryption to your system. However, if you are using an older modem, then you will have to set up its Wired Equivalent Network or WEP.

Assign a Unique SSID Network Name

Most users prefer not to change the SSID name of the router and they will continue to stick with the default name. This is highly dangerous because hackers can get into your system just by finding the SSID name of the router. So, make sure to set a unique name and try not to include your personal details.

Use a Stronger Password

It is essential to use a strong password to your Wi-Fi router, as it will ensure that no one can breach it that easily. Make sure not to use any personal details while setting a password for the device. Use a passphrase and go for a longer password, as it will be harder to figure out for the hackers.


Firewalls are built in protection system, which makes the hacking process difficult or even impossible. So, try to use firewalls every time. Some of the latest Wi-Fi routers are equipped with stealth mode firewalls, which will offer more protection to your device and make it less prone to hacking.

Make Everyone Log-In

Turning the log-in feature always on will help you to get a detailed report when your IP is accessed or when someone attempts to access your network. This will give you immense control over your Wi-Fi network, as you will be able to detect the suspicious activities in the system.