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Analyzing Tablets with Phablets

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The tablet PC wholesale market is flooded with many oversized gadgets, but those having screen below seven inches and above five are usually considered a phablet. Tech-centric people know very well that carrying a 15-inch tablet can be really cumbersome and yet unavoidable. So in this post, let us take a closer look at the specifications of both these gadgets, keeping the user derivatives in mind.

Build Quality

Typically, tablets have thicker groove rims than phablets that add to their weight and dimensions. For instance, think of a 6-inch phablet weighing 200 grams and 8 millimeters thickness to a tablet having an inch higher screen. Irrespective of the bevel thickness and the marginal increase in screen size, you still get a device that is at least 100 grams heavier.

Display and Pixel Density

Most tablets hold aboard more resolution and pixel density than phablets. Oddly enough, the change in the screen size doesn’t change the display attributes. The average pixel density of a phablet is 240 pixels per inch whereas it is approximately 210 for a tablet. The letters on the screen appear more clearly in the best gadget having more pixel density.

Hands-Free Communication

The bigger the tablet size, the more cumbersome it can be for the end user to make calls. Phablets get the name because it combines the screen size of a tablet and the connectivity features of a smartphone. You get a device that is ergonomic to hold and having the network capabilities of a smartphone at the same time.

Rear Camera

Tablets often limit the rear camera to a namesake feature. Some tablets even get released with no rear or front camera, but not a phablet. Think of taking pictures with a shooter having 13 megapixels to that of a 5-megapixel one. Obviously, there would be a drastic difference in the picture quality.

Performance Matters

Almost all phablets tend to score higher in benchmark tests in aspects of RAM, processor, and connectivity. In the battery department, both the devices last almost equal hours because of the screen size. The smaller the screen size, the lesser will be the consumption and vice versa.

The Android tablet wholesale market gives you plenty of options to choose from. All the major brands have specialized phablets, tablets, and smartphones with an array of specifications. You just need to whittle down the requirements before finalizing the budget.