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How to Remove Virus from your PC without using Anti-Virus?

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Viruses are very dangerous for laptops and tablesYou have to protect your computers and laptops from this infected program. Remember, a virus is a common term for malware, spyware and adware. A virus program can spread from a computer to others through flash and USB drives. Sometimes, your laptop has Ravmon, Orkut or New Folder.exe. These are commonly spreading via USB drive.

Unfortunately, several antivirus programs can’t detect these viruses. It can be difficult to delete these files. Here are some steps to remove them without antivirus.

  • Run a command prompt by moving to start and type in “cmd” on search programs and files.
  • Choose the affected drive (drivename: C or E)
  • You can type “attrib –s –h *.* and press enter”
  • Now type in dir (the dir command can show you the content of a drive)
  • Make sure to check the existence of unusual .exe file. If you find an autorun.inf file, make sure to rename it.
  • These steps will help you access the drive without affecting a virus. Go to “my computer”.
  • Choose the drive
  • Delete your harmful files. You can delete these files with the use of command prompt (type name of del file)

It is an excellent way to remove damaging files from your deviceMake sure to find out the symptoms and causes of computer viruses. The downloaded viruses from external devices or webs can be dangerous for your latest laptop. They are disguised as videos and documents. 

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Remove Virus from Windows 10

If you are receiving error messages to perform mundane tasks, it can be a sign of virus. Moreover, you may notice strange pop-up windows on your computer. The homepage of your browser may redirect you to unfamiliar websites. If your computer is crashing or running slowly, you have to detect viruses in your tablet or laptop. See these instructions to remove viruses from Windows 10:

Look for newly installed apps and softwares. Check “Settings – Apps” and scroll through “apps and features”. If you are noticing something strange, immediately uninstall it.

Carefully evaluate your task manager for unfamiliar or suspicious services. To check task manager, you have to press “ctrl + shift + esc” on the keyboard. Choose the services tab and look at the list of available apps. You have to stop suspicious and unfamiliar services. 

Check startup for unusual apps in the task manager. The suspicious files can be deactivated or disabled as per your convenience. Make sure to detect unknown procedures. Check the processes in a process tab and find something strange. Make sure to end this task immediately to save yourself from viruses. 

Moreover, you have to install antivirus software in your deviceThese may help prevent numerous online threats and viruses. With a regular security scan, you can avoid multiple troubles in your device.