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How to prevent data over-usage on your android phone?

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Looking for decent sized 7 inch tablets for sale? If yes, then you are in the right place and at the right time! we have gathered all the information about the best 7 inch tablets for sale online and have made a proper list for our readers. Along with this, we are going to talk about an important issue that almost all of us have faced one time or the other, today after a lot of requests from our readers we gathered some information about this problem and thought of giving you some solutions for it. Today we are going to discuss how we can save our devices from over usage and data saving hacks!

The main problem and its reason!

Before moving towards the solutions, we would like you to read the reasons so that you can avoid them in future if you are doing them! First of all, we all should know that cellular companies provide a limited amount of data cap and we must be very careful in its use. Almost all of us have Wi-Fi connections at our home and in our offices, so the data is usually used in travelling and in outings.

If your data gets finished before your expected time span, then this is a thing you should worry about because it means that your data is being wasted. Some of the reasons may include unattended uses and unreasonable usage of the web over the data service, sometimes you can also forget about turning the data off, and it can result in draining all your MBs.  So now let us talk about the solutions, and you can use these solutions on your 7 inch tablets as well so stay tuned!

7 inch tablets for your kids

Solutions to the problem we are facing!

Here are the different precautions you can take to avoid draining your data cap!

Avoid turning the data connections at all times!

You must avoid turning the data connections on your mobile or your 7 inch tablets for that matter. You must religiously turn it off when not needed.

Approach your phone’s settings!

Well, this is the most important and the most underrated solutions for saving yourself from data drainage. The procedure is that you have to open up your phone’s settings and go to the data connection tab. In the data connection tab, there is an option available where you can set the limit of the data usage. For instance, if you set the limit to 1 Gb so when your phone uses 1 Gb of data, it will stop, and it will inform you that the data is going out soon. This is a very useful step that you can take and save yourself from any further data loss. You can also get a weekly or daily report of your data usage. People usually don’t take up this matter seriously, but we recommend our phone and 7 inch tablets users to understand this method and use it to save data from the time where it is needed.