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Your Phone App now lets you reply to messages from other messaging apps

Tablets and Laptops

Microsoft has rolled out the best phone apps for communication. Make sure to choose the latest operating system for your  tablet. With the  powerful “Your Phone” app, it is possible to mirror notifications of your android phone. This app is becoming better in allowing you to use aligned replies to reply to a notification directly.

Windows insider will be able to use this feature. By mirroring notifications of android on PC, it will be easy for you to reply to a message directly. The app supports inline replies for androids. Once you set up notification mirroring with android, there is no need to enable extra features. You will get this feature within a few months after the final testing of Microsoft.

Easy Method to Send Messages

Applications on your phone will help you send messages from PCs or  tablets, but this feature can keep you engaged in conversations without even pulling out your phone. Windows users were waiting for considerable improvements in messages. The company has added quick access to notifications, photos and text messages.

You can get the advantage of this messaging functionality with the improvements in this app. The company has addressed this demand and people are happy that they can use a reply box for third-party communication apps.

Tablets and Laptops

Your Phone App

With your phone app, you can access a reply box to send messages in the response of notifications. Keep it in mind that this feature was available previously in an action center. 

New changes allow you to respond to messages directly from notifications sections. This feature is in its development phase. You may not like its outcomes. There is nothing to worry because you can see improvements in this app in the future.    

Best Messaging Apps for Windows

If you want the best messaging apps for windows, here are some great options available for tablets, smartphones and laptops.


With this fantastic messaging app, you can stay connected with your family and friends. It allows you to send video messages to your family across the globe. Remember, you can install Viber on your deviceFeel free to send text messages and make free calls. Group chats are possible to extend to almost 250 people.


With the help of telegram, you can communicate with your friends and family instantly. It ensures maximum security for a cloud-based messenger. The clean interface of Telegram can make your life easy. Get the advantage of tablet amazing features for secured communication. You can sync this app across different devices. 


Personal communication is necessary for different tasks and teams. You can use this app for crystal clear communication. Slack is available with numerous intelligent features. Feel free to customize notifications as per your needs. Make sure to send a call or text to any person on your team without any trouble.