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Must do things when you buy a new iPhone

new iPhone

After purchasing a new iPhoneyou may think about different options. A new iPhone comes with numerous unique features. You can try different things to increase the security of your data. Here are some must-do things when you buy a new iPhone.

Set up Face ID and Touch ID

It is wise to switch on Touch ID fingerprint scanner of Apple or Face ID recognition of facial. Remember, this move will help you to increase security. You must not skip these things during set up. If you have skipped these things during settings, you can access these features in Settings and click on Touch ID and Passcode. Nowadays, iPhones are available with fingerprint scanners.

Make sure to type in a passcode to make possible changes. It will help you to delete and add fingerprints easily. By setting up fingerprints and a face ID, it will be easy for you to increase the security of the iPhone. New iPhones

Accessibility Features

iOS users can switch to extra accessibility features, such as VoiceOVer or Speak Screen. People with visual impairments can hear the on-screen text. Moreover, you can make text large or bold. You have to click “Settings – General and Accessibility”. Remember, these features are also available on tablets.

The special accessibility screen allows you to customize touchscreen interactions, including custom gestures and assistive touch. Switch on a special Hearing Aid Mode and LED flash for timely alerts. You can make different adaptations for a disabled user.

If you have an iPhone X or any other device without a home button, get the advantage of Assistive Touch option. A software button may help you to control your phone. Customize the work of task buttons. With a single tap, it is possible to configure your home button. A double-tap will help you to open different notifications.

Customize a Control Center

You can customize your control center. The iOS 11 comes with personalization options. Users can access the necessary features and settings with a touchscreen. Feel free to swipe up or down to control access to different functions. You can customize everything by opening “Settings – Control Center and Customize Controls”.

After customizing your screen, it will be easy for you to pick up features for the control center. For instance, you can remove or add different things, such as Don’t Disturb, Accessibility Shortcuts, Notes, Apple TV Remote, Alarm, Low Power Mode and Flashlight. 

Set up your iCloud

A new user to Apple products may want to switch on advanced storage services of cloud. It is an easy way to back up your relevant data on the cloud. Moreover, it is easy to get started with iCloud. Before updating your device or switching to a new operating system, use iCloud storage to secure your data and media files.

Click on Settings and choose iCloud from the list. Sign in with an Apple ID and agree to the terms and conditions of iCloud. You are ready to use this storage.