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Best Amazon Alexa Devices of 2019

Alexa on tablets

Do you know you can control your Alexa devices with a tablet? Alexa is a voice assistant of Amazon. You can increase the efficiency of smart speakers with this voice assistant. Remember, voice commands are necessary for Echo speakers. Alexa-enabled intelligent devices can make your life easy. Here are some best Amazon Alexa devices of 2019.


Amazon Echo Dot Along with Clock

Amazon features an LED clock to its 3rd generation smart speaker. Smart speakers are available with a clock. You can buy this speaker at an affordable price. Remember, you can get the advantage of timers, outdoor temperature and time. These things are easily visible. Moreover, you can make adjustments with a tablet. 

You can choose from different Alexa devices. The Echo dot offers impressive performance with clock, sheer practicality and small footprint. This pint-sized speaker becomes an entry point for your house. Alexa voice control can change your lifestyle.Alexa on tablets

Arlo Pro 3 (Smart Cam)

It comes with a price tag of $500. With this security camera, you can increase your safety. It is an excellent camera with high-quality 2K streaming and local storage. With great features and fast alerts, it can be the best choice for your house. 

This camera features 12x zoom, color night vision, built-in sire, and high-end display. Feel free to view the stream of your camera on smart displays of Echo. Get the advantage of event-based free storage options for seven days. This option is not permanent; therefore, consider monthly plans to store footage on the cloud. It is an excellent way to save time and money.

Ring Peephole Camera

It is a security camera and video doorbell. With its unique shape, feel free to mount it to a doorframe. Feel free to replace your traditional peephole with this camera. This product is ideal for apartments. With a tablet, you can check the videos of your peephole camera. 

It is easy to install on your door. Get the advantage of smart display of Alexa and other unique features.

Ecobee SmartThermostat

If you want the best thermostat, select the Ecobee thermostat. This model can replace an ordinary thermostat. It has numerous great features. Control this thermostat with Alexa, Sir voice commands, Ecobee app and Google Assistant. Remember, it is an easy way to control the temperature of your house. It features integrated Alexa smart speakers. Connect your smart thermostat with Alexa and use your voice to control it.

Amazon Echo 5 Show

With its smart display, it allows you to increase the efficiency of your security cameras. It features a built-in speaker Alexa. A tablet will enable you to control your Alexa settings and commands.