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7 Best Apps Every Geek Must Have

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On your smartphone and tablet, you can download apps to read eBooks and tablet magazineNowadays, numerous apps are available in the market. You can use these apps to improve your efficiency. Fortunately, the app market has various options. It can be overwhelming to choose the best apps. For your convenience, here are 7 best apps every geek must-have.

1. Comic Book App

Geeks must download a comic app in their device. The comic app offers convenient access to your favorite reading material. With tablet magazine apps, you can access over 30,000 comic books. It is an excellent way to enjoy endless hours of binging funny and classic reading material.

2. Gaming Apps

Geeks love to play video games; therefore, your tablet or laptop is incomplete without these games. With a game, you can gain knowledge. It is easy to find numerous engaging and additive maze games. Play Store of Google allows you to download your favorite gaming apps.

3. Science Apps

Countless geeks love science; therefore, you can find several science apps. If you are a science lover, you can explore planets and stars. Several apps are available for android and iOS devices. These apps are free for everyone. Remember, some apps allow you to get the latest updates and details of the night sky. 

tablet magazine

4. Creative Apps

A geek can be a super creative human being; therefore, innovative apps are necessary for them. It will be great to create new things and perform super cool tricks. Numerous artistic and cool apps are available to organize your thoughts. You can download apps for sketching, drawing and 3D objects.

5. Pocket

With pocket, it will be easy for you to save your favorite URLs and bookmarks. It is different than a bookmarking app around you. In a pocket, it is possible to synchronize everything on different devices. For instance, after saving a URL on an android device, it will be easy for you to access it after logging in o your iOS device or computer. Install its extension on browsers, such as Firefox, Mozilla, and Google Chrome. 

6. IP Tools

IP tools are essential for a geek. These will help you to find info of your network connection with MAC address, private IP, public IP, approximate location and global IP database. It comes with several unique features, such as IPINfo, Whois Search and Ping. With Whois Search, you can find information of domain, including contact number, address and name of the owner.

7. MoneyView

If you wonder why you run out of money, you will need this app for money management. It will help you to detect your SMAL and classify spending along with bank accounts. MoneyView allows you to add cash spending and set billing reminders manually. When using this app, there is no need to worry about security issues.