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These camera lenses will help you to shoot better from your Phone

Nvidia shield tablet

The Nvidia shield comes with special wide-angle lenses to shoot wide photos. Others may have a macro lens to shoot close distance objects. If your phone is not available with these lenses, don’t worry because you can update the lens of your camera.

Olloclip 3-in-1 Multi-Device

High-quality three compact lenses are compatible with smartphones and tablets. Remember, Olloclip is a market leader for smartphone camera lenses. It is easy to mount them on the camera of your device, such as Nvidia shield for shooting.

Clips are available for different phones, such as iPhone XR, XS, etc. This set is available with fisheye, super-wide lenses and 15x macro. You will get numerous options to extend the capabilities of your smartphone.

Mikikin Cell Phone 5 in 1 Lens

It is an exclusive set of lenses to attach with your phone or tablets. With these lenses, you can achieve different effects. It comes with a 20X telephoto zoom lens to shoot distant objects, a fisheye 198° lens (to add funny effects to images), a super-wide-angle 0.62X lens to take wide images, a 2X zoom lens and a macro lens 20X for nearby objects. Improve the quality of your tablet’s camera.

You can use a clip lens available in the kit to attach these lenses to your phone. Feel free to connect these lenses to your Android phone or iPhone. These can work well for different phones and devices. If you want to improve your photography skills, these lenses will be an excellent choice for you.Nvidia shield tablet

Moment Wide Lens

This lens is compatible for Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and S9+, iPhone 7, 8, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XR. It features a 0.63x wide-angle lens for different devices. Before using it for your tabletyou have to check its compatibility with its camera.

There is no need to clip them to your phone, but attach them to a case. Feel free to use this lens for different smartphones from Samsung, Google and Apple.

Aukey Ora Camera Lens Smartphone

You can buy this 2-in-1 lens for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy tabletWith this high-quality lens, you can shoot the best images. It is a sensibly priced app for business and casual users. You will get a 15x macro lens and a 120-degree wide-angle lens. Because of its snug-fitting, you can’t use this lens for a smartphone with dual rear cameras.

Nelomo HD Universal Camera Lens Kit

With its carrying case and three lenses, this compact kit is suitable for smartphone and tablet users. You may find it compatible your tablet. To replace large clips, Nelomo uses a rubber-ended screw. 

Remember, lens mount may clamp to your phone between 7mm and 10mm. This kit is available with three lenses. You can use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. A protective carrying case is available to prevent damage and dust. It is easy to travel with these lenses because of its cover.