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How to Configure Wi-Fi Settings on an iPad Tablet

IPad Tablet

Configure Wi-Fi Settings

If you are into browsing the web on Apple Safari, you may need to know how to connect the device to a known Wi-Fi network or a custom network. Connecting the iOS device to a wireless network would not only give you access to the internet, but also let you save your remaining cellular data.

To connect the iPad tablet or an iPhone to a wireless network, open Settings from the home screen of the device, tap on Wi-Fi, and then toggle its switch to the On position. Then, iOS will give you a list of wireless networks to join and you can choose a known Wi-Fi network nearby for the best range.

Enter the password if the network is encrypted, and if a prompt appears for the same, and then tap on Join. Then, you can browse the web over the Wi-Fi network on Apple Safari or other alternate browsers you have installed on your iPad tablet.

The iOS device will automatically join a known network thereafter, once you configure the same. In case you choose to Forget the network or want to join a custom Wi-Fi network, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on Other. Scroll down to see the networks which you can connect to, tap on the Network Name you want to join, and tap on Security. Then, tap on the Type of Security the Wi-Fi network has.

In case there is no security, you can skip the step and choose to enter the network password. You would need the network name and the password noted somewhere to start browsing if the Wi-Fi network is encrypted. Once you enter the password, tap on Join. Provided the information you entered is correct, the iOS device will connect to the internet over the chosen custom network.

It shall be noted the iPad and iPhone would automatically connect to any open network including Wi-Fi networks needing no password. In case you do not need to join any networks automatically, turn on the Ask to Join Networks feature in iOS.

For that, open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi. Then, tap on the toggle switch for Ask to Join Network to the On position. If the toggle switch is shown in green, then you are good to browse on the iPad tablet in a secured way. Remember, encrypted browsing will prevent internet snoops such as phishing, so it is always best to browse the web securely.