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What to do if Windows freezes or stops responding?

Windows computers

Sometimes, Windows of your phone or laptop freezes because of different issues. It can be frustrating to deal with these issues.

Software issues cause a computer freezing or lockup. If you want to encounter lockup, make sure to arrange the latest updates for your programs. Updates will be available for software through a publisher or software developer. Sometimes, virus, malicious software and malware in your computer can be the reason of this problem. See some solutions to this issue.

Stop Excessive Programs

Every window or program you open on a computer will take some resources from your computer. These resources are necessary to keep your computer running. With numerous programs opening at a time, your computer will be low on necessary resources. 

If you want to avoid this issue, try to run one program at a time. Avoid running multiple programs at a time.

Windows computers

Issues Related to Driver

Corrupted or outdated drivers may cause a freezing issue. If you have a problem with video adapter drivers, your system will be locked up when watching movies or playing games. Open device manager of a window to verify the performance of your device. 

Make sure to check the list of devices if anyone has a red mark or yellow exclamation mark. These marks will show the sign of error. Arrange latest drivers for all components of your computer, such as network, modem, sound and video. 

Overheating Issues

If your computer processor is getting hot, you will face freeing issues. Abnormal noises from your computer indicate that you have to check the fan of your computer. Start your work by verifying the power supply. Examine if it is working smoothly. The fan must move smoothly without any obstruction.

Open your computer a physically inspect its components. If your computer monitors RPM of fans, you can enter CMOS setup. Remember, BIOS must not report an error. Laptop users can prop up their machine on a book for air circulation. 

Hardware Issues

A hardware misconfiguration or malfunction may lock up your computer. After adding hardware recently in your laptop, you have to check its performance. If it is not working, immediately remove this hardware. 

If new hardware is working well, check network card, modem, expansion cards or sound cards. Make sure to run a computer without damaging cards. Check their peripherals of your computer.

You must not forget the problems with windows. Sometimes, corrupted windows can be the reason for freezing. Change your operating system or run a necessary troubleshooting process. Before installing a new window, you have to back up your valuable information. Check power supply, motherboard, CPU and RAM on your device.