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Tricks that will Change the Way you Use your iPad

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iPad Tricks

iPad from Apple has been around for more than five years, but there are some features that are tucked away in Settings and you might have never used them. Some of the features have been introduced recently, but some others have been around for quite some time. The features that are explained below are available in iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro devices only.

Run Two or More Apps Simultaneously

At times, you may feel that it is good to split the screen between two apps than one app in a column view. The Split View option of iPads allows users to run two or more apps at the same time. You just need to swipe in from the right of the screen to run two apps simultaneously. Doing this will launch one app in Slide Over view. You may just tap on the white handle located near to the second app to expand the app to split screen mode.

Open New App in Sidebar without Closing Current App

In terms of multi-tasking, iPad has finally caught up with its Windows and Android competitors. Users can now view a separate app in sidebar located along the edge of the display while using an app. To do this, you just need to swipe in from the right. Doing this will show you a list of compatible apps. You can then tap on the app that you need to launch and it will be launched in a column near the other app that is already opened.

Use Keyboard as Touchpad

If you are frustrated while trying to move the cursor between words when trying to type on your iPad device, you can use two fingers to get rid of the problem. You may move two fingers on the on-screen keyboard as you type. Doing this will turn the keyboard into a virtual touchpad, which help you move the cursor with precision and ease.

Play a Video while Using Other Apps

You do not have to quit a video that you are watching to check another app. You can just press the Home button to minimize the video to the corner of the iPad and check other apps. This feature can be used when watching a movie or while using apps like FaceTime. However, this works in only some of the apps that support the feature.