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Tips to Work Efficiently in Word for iPad

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Tips To Work Efficiently

Word for iPad is an excellent program that helps you in easy document creation and word processing. If you are using Word for iPad in the tablet that you rented from the Apple tablets wholesale dealer in your locality, you can follow the below tips to use the program with ease and efficiency.

Word for iPad Tips

  • To bring up the keyboard, you just need to tap on the Word document.
  • In order to minimize the keyboard, you can tap on the Keyboard button, located on the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard.
  • If you have not made any changes in the settings of the program, you will be able to see many automatic typing ads, and if you do not wish to use them, you can turn them off from the settings options. To do this, tap on Settings, navigate to General, and select Keyboard. From here, you can enable or disable the typing aids. However, you need to keep in mind that when you disable the aids, they will be disabled whenever you use the keyboard on the iPad, and not just while using the Word program or any other Office app.
  • There is no need to tap on the period key on the key board, every time you need a period. You just have to double tap on the spacebar to get a period easily.
  • Smartphone and iPad users know that tapping inside a sentence to place the cursor on a spot that we need exactly is not an easy task. In the Word for iPad app, you can press and hold on the sentence to activate the magnifying glass feature and then slide the finger across to place the cursor easily on the required spot accurately and quickly.
  • If you need to select a particular word in the document, you can just double tap on it. To select more words near to the one selected, move the handles to include all the words that you need inside the selection.
  • To select a string of words quickly, double tap and drag the selection handles fast, and to select a paragraph, triple tap on the same.
  • To select the complete text in a document, press and hold for some time, release and then choose the Select All