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Steps to Fix iPad not Charging Issues

Apple Tablets Wholesale

iPad Charging Issues

Apple tablets are one of the sturdily built tablets available in the US market making it much popular among the users. However, you may encounter some silly charging issues while using these tablets. Do not worry; these issues are easy to fix. You might have bought the tablet from an Apple tablets wholesale store or from the Apple store itself. Whatever be the source of your Apple tablet purchase, you can try the following steps before contacting Apple support for assistance.

Perform a Restart

If you find that your iPad is not charging, the first thing that you need to do is to try a force restart of the device. To do a force restart:

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button of the device provided on its right side (in iPhone 6 and later models) or at the top (all other models).
  • While continuing to hold down the Sleep/Wake button, you need to press and hold the Volume Up (iPhone 7 and later) or the Home button (iPhone 6S or older).
  • Ensure to hold down both the buttons as the screen of the device turns off and keep on holding the buttons down until the screen turn on.

Switch Ports

This might sound funny, but the USB ports and outlets may not work at times. This can be particularly true if you are trying the charge the device from a wall socket or a PC that you have never used to charge the device. In addition, an electrical glitch in the wall socket can also lead to your iPad not charging issues from the wall socket. Therefore, plug the device into a different wall socket or a USB port to see if it charges. If it is not charging, you can proceed with the next step.

Restore iTunes

Now is the time to try the hard fixes. If the above steps do not work, you need to restore the iPad with the help of iTunes. iTunes is a safe and better option than iCloud as it offloads, reinstalls, and reloads the data stored in your device. This step can help you fix the issues that a forced restart or iCloud restore cannot fix. The steps to restore are:

  • Connect the device to a Mac or a PC and click on the Device tab located at the top.
  • Select Backup and wait for the backup to finish successfully.
  • Click on Restore button and wait for it to finish.

You may now try charging the device again and if it is charging, you are good to go, else you are left with only one option, which is to contact Apple support.