Some Popular Tweaks and Tricks for Refurbished iPads Users

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Popular IPad Tweaks

Patrons love the refurbished iPads and from time to time, they discover something new about iOS that makes them fall in love with the device even more. From the Apple Siri’s voice to split-screen and multi-tasking in the recent iPad tablets featuring iOS 11, each version of iOS has something to excite the patrons. In fact, there are plenty of other things in iOS which second time owners are yet to discover and that is why the below list is being compiled.

Enable Control Center

Switching applications will be easy if you enable Control Center. To do that, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen. On the subsequent window, the Control Center will open – a feature in iOS 11 that gives a shortcut to other features such as Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, and the like.

Tweak Notifications

In iOS 11, it is easy to let go off the app notifications or mute them. To disable push notifications from social media apps or any other app that keep poking on your screen, navigate to Settings and open Notifications. A list of applications appears there and when tweaking notification settings of an app. try muting the notifications instead of disabling them.

Configure a Virtual Private Network

If you want to enable VPN on iPad tablets, simply launch Settings from home screen and then navigate to General > VPN, and select the VPN Type from IKEv2, IPSec, and so on. After encrypting, tap on Add Configuration in the upper left corner of the iPad. Unlike the third party VPN apps, enabling VPN on iPad will protect the data system-wide so turn it on.

Print via AirPrint

Through the AirPrint application on iPad tablets, users can print anything in the device wirelessly. For that connect the device to the VPN network you have set up and then tap on Share menu in the AirPrint app and choose Print option. Subsequently, your iPad will search for available printers connected to the same network.

Tweak Background App Refresh

The newspaper applications or social media apps, which are open, will keep refreshing from time to time in the background letting you read the same the moment you unlock the screen of iPad. However, the background refresh in iPad will lead to mobile data consumption that you may not want. To tweak which apps you want to refresh in the background navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.