How to Use the Jiggle Mode on iOS 11 or Later

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Jiggle Mode on iOS

The jiggle mode in iOS helps to make the iPad screen widgets dance to your tunes with drag and drop. The jiggle mode feature is there even on refurbished iPads featuring iOS 11 or later, and what it does is it rearranges the dragged app to a new position, be it in between screen pages or even to a new folder.

With jiggle mode, you could grab a hold of the application widgets such as Facebook and WhatsApp to name two. Below is how to use the jiggle mode, and rearrange the app widgets in your iPad tablet’s home screen.

Firstly, long press the iPad Home button to access the home screen, and tap and hold on an app widget to access the Jiggle Mode in iOS 11. Secondly, scroll your thumb until the x in the selected widget’s top-left corner clears. You can see all of the app widgets on screen jiggling to your tunes at this point.

When you land a new position, maybe a fresh page, drop the dragged app widget to place it ideally on screen. This thumb-scrolling exercise should be done continuously. Try holding each dragged app and grab a hold of another and then another to drop all of them at once in a New Folder. In fact, you could even drag and move app widgets to inexistent pages in your iPad tablets and create new pages while they jiggle.

To place an app in its original place, let go of the thumb from the selected app widgets, instead of dragging the same to elsewhere. Once you are done with playing to your tunes on the iPad, long press the Home button once more to exit the Jiggle Mode and return to the home screen.

If you do not want a set of apps, for instance, you could even delete the folder and remove all the apps at once. Being an Apple iPad user and having been familiar with iOS features and the tablet screen width, deleting application bundle widgets is a perhaps no-go. If you want to delete the folder containing app widgets anyhow, tap and hold to move the New Folder back to the iPad home screen. On older iOS versions, you could only go one at a time, but you can rearrange app widgets simultaneously with iOS 11 or later.