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How to Restore iPad Mini into its Factory Settings

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Restore iPad Mini

iPad Mini is a successful tablet line of Apple that comes with a reduced screen size yet unmatched performance. In fact, the smaller screen size of the iPad Mini series of tablets has made it preferable for most users. Due to this, the iPad Mini is one among the most sold tablets in Apple tablets wholesale sites.

Like other Apple tablets, the iPad Mini is also prone to numerous commonly occurring issues. However, most of these issues can be resolved by restoring the iPad Mini to its factory settings.

Restoring it to the factory settings will remove all the settings that are customized in the tablet and bring it back to its original state when it was purchased. Carrying out a factory restore of the iPad Mini is especially important if the device is being sold or replaced. This will ensure that the device is fully wiped of all data and custom settings making it ready as new.

Restoring factory settings in the iPad Mini can be done by two means – either by using iTunes or through the iPad settings. Below is how to restore an iPad Mini to its factory settings.

Restoring Factory Settings via iTunes

Using iTunes is usually the preferred way to factory restore the device and clear all the data on the iPad Mini. One of the first steps in restoring the iPad mini is to check whether the computer is having the latest version of iTunes installed. If so, connect the iPad Mini into the computer by using the cable provided for the device.

Open iTunes, locate the iPad Mini under the Devices tab in the left panel, and select Restore. Now click on the Restore button once again to confirm the action.

Note that for first time restoring, the process may take a while for the firmware file to get downloaded. The device will restart after it is restored to its factory settings and will be installed with the latest iOS update.

Restoring without iTunes

Restoring the iPad Mini to factory settings is also an easier process through its Settings menu. For this,

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset and select the Erase All Content and Settings
  • After this is done, a confirmation action will appear on the display that will notify you that the iPad Mini is set to reset.

The device will restart as soon as the restore process is completed and all the content and settings will be removed. The user can then set up the device again for use as required.