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How an iPad can Save your Life

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Your iPad is capable of doing a number of things. It can act as a torch, a camera, and even as a personal assistant. You might have used your iPad to find a nearby restaurant, book a movie ticket, and do a lot more. Yet it might come to you as a surprise when we say that your iPad is also capable of saving your life. Here is how an iPad device can become a lifesaver.

Use Siri

If you are in an emergency situation and if you are not able to reach your tablet, then you can ask Siri to call for help. You will just have to say ‘Hey Siri’ to begin a conversation. To enable the feature, tap on the Settings options of your tablet and select the General option, followed by Siri. Then simply turn on the AllowHey Siri’ option on your tablet. This is why renting an iPad is very helpful for seniors. Check out for the best tablet rental offers.

Create a Medical ID

It is wiser to add a medical ID on your tablet, as it will allow everyone to access your emergency contact details even when they don’t have access to your tablet. In addition to that, they will be also able to access your entire medical history in case of any emergency.

Use the Health App

The health app in your iPad helps you to keep all the information about your health in a single place. This app is a useful tool to monitor your health and it allows medical staffs to see your medical conditions. In addition to that, the data from nutrition, fitness, and other health tracking apps, will also be automatically updated in this app.

Turn On the Location Services

Location service makes use of the built-in GPS in your tablet to track your location. This means that you can easily track the location of your friends and family by using this feature. This app will certainly come in handy when you are away from your home or when you are on a holiday. So, make sure to turn your location settings on, as your friends will be able to find you with ease.

Send an Emergency Text

If you happen to be trapped in a remote area with poor network reception, then you could send a text message from your iPad rather than dialing 911. This is because texting requires comparatively less signal strength. The emergency SMS service in iPad will redirect your text messages straight to the emergency helpline.