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Use Non-Google Apps from Android Smartphone

Android Device

In numerous situations, smartphone users are bound to download apps from their play store. Fortunately, you can use non-Google apps on your tabletThese apps are available for android devices. 

Reasons to Use Non-Google Apps for Android

People are always interested in access suite of Google apps and the Play Store. Some people don’t want dependence on Google. For this reason, they want to remove Google from their life. Google-free android phone can be complicated, but it is not impossible.

Some people need non-Google apps because they want to increase their privacy. Remember, the services of Google run in the background of your devices. It helps Google to perform numerous tasksIf you want to install non-Google apps, you have to root your android phone

Android Device

Rooting an Android Phone

It is the only method to remove Google from your android phone. Remember, you will get Google preinstalled in your phone. Make sure to use a custom ROM to replace an operating system. In this situation, a root is not necessary.

Remember, a method to install a custom ROM can be similar to rooting. It needs flash files from your system. You have to unlock bootloader of your phone for rooting. See these easy steps:

Custom ROM Installation

If you want to remove the presence of Google from your android tabletyou have to install a custom ROM. It will replace an android version that is available with the device. You will get better control of the features and services.

Several ROMs are designed on AOSP sources, but you may not find them preinstalled. You have to unlock the bootloader, install custom recovery and allow room to flash itself. Feel free to choose LineageOS for security and privacy. It was previously known as CyanogenMod.

After installing LineageOS, you can remove Google services and apps. DTEK and Blackberry will help users to get better control over the security of your devices. Before rooting you have to choose better security measures for your phone.

Several AOSP ROMs may not have core Gapps (Google Apps) and services. For this reason, you can remove Google from your android device. Feel free to use android without Google after installing MicroG instead of Gapps. Several apps depend on the Play store services Framework to run on android. 

These may work without a framework, but apps will not function correctly. In numerous MicroG (injects essential services in the device again), you may not get the default environment of Google.

Replace Play Store of Google

If you don’t want to use Google and its services, you can download apps from third-party sources. It will be easy for you to update apps and download music, books and movies. The play store may be a difficult place for numerous people. 

In your quest of security and privacy, there are several options to use to fill the void in your life. Yalp store may help you to update and download the same apps.