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Tips for using Tor Browser for Android Users

KitKat Android Tablet

Privacy is a real concern for most people using Smartphone. And this concern is now stronger after various privacy breach scandals from top tech giants became the hot news. Now people have a lot of concerns about Android, Chrome Browser and Safari Browser as well. Keeping in view these concerns for Android users Tor Browser is there to keep your private data safe. People who are looking for KitKat Android tablet price online can also search for Tor Browser, which became popular even in its beta release.

Keeping in view the popularity, Tor Browser also released its Windows, iOS, and macOS versions in the market. Now Tor is one of the most popular browsers among the users, after Chrome and Safari Browsers. If you are searching KitKat Android tablet price, then you should make up your mind that you will install Tor Browser once you get your PC Tablet. For Android users, Tor released its Alpha version in April 2019, and then they launched its Beta version and now you can download its fuller version from Google PlayStore on your phone or tablet.

Why Use Tor Browser

You might be amazed to know that the people who were looking for KitKat Android tablet price on the web are now downloading and using Tor browser for browsing the internet. The main concern is obviously the privacy issue. Tor browser keeps your browsing data safe, and it leaves no footprints. You can browser anything or any website anonymously. To be safer, you can install its plugins like Orbot to browse using some Superfast Proxy Server. It helps you keep your identity, location, and history is hidden, and you can feel secure while browsing the internet. No cookies are allowed to steal your browsing data or habits. So if you are using Tor Browser and also using its Orbot to connect the Tor Private Network, you are on the safest side.

KitKat Android Tablet

Don’t Let Cookies Play Their Game

When you browse some websites, most of the websites secretly or impliedly store cookies on your phone or PC. These cookies observe your browsing experience and send the data to the advertisers. This data is then used to serve ads to show you the prices that you can afford and for various other marketing purposes. Like if you are using Chrome or Safari and you are searching KitKat Android tablet price, you may see different prices. This tactic is commonly used for Domain Name Sellers, Hotels and Air Ticket Sellers. Keeping in view your browsing history, they offer you a higher price, but if you are using Tor browser, they won’t be able to catch your browsing history, and hence they won’t be able to offer you the higher prices.

So, if you want to keep your data and web browsing habits safe and secure, you must download now the Tor Browser to use the internet and browse websites without letting cookies to steal your private data.