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Secret tips you must know for your android phone settings

android phone

Nowadays, Android phone settings allow you to increase their productivity. An Android phone can do lots of things, but you may not have an idea of powerful features. From quick and straightforward ways, you can do lots of stuff with phone settings.

Cast a Phone Screen to TV

If you want to see the screen of your phone on your television, you can mirror this screen. It is a handy feature to share videos and pictures on the phone. Watch YouTube without using an external app. Feel free to play your preferred mobiles games on the large screen.

Go to the “Quick Settings” menu and select “Cast”. You will notice a pop up for Chromecast or the TV of your choice (smart TV) and start casting. It is a quick and simple process to set phone

Lock Specific Apps for Different People

Your phone allows you to hide particular information and pictures from specific people. In Android devices, you can do this after pressing a few buttons. After this process, you can easily lend your phone to anyone. For your security, you have to add security code in particular sections of your phone. In this way, people will not be able to access your important information.

Open “Settings – Security and finally turn on “Screen Pinning”. Turn this on and open an app that is popular in your friends. Tap “Overview” with a square button under phone screen. You can see an icon similar to a pin in the lower corner. Click it, and it will be pinned to the front. Remember, people need a password to access this information. 

Activate One-handed Mode

Some devices with the android operating system are unwieldy. You have to check their model to make certain modifications. Fortunately, you can use one-handed mode on maximum Android phone. On the keyboard of Google, you have to get it in its absence. It can be a default option on Nexus or Pixel phone. Remember, LG or Samsung phone require you to download a keyboard.

Open this keyboard, click ad hold backlash key. Pull up toward a right-hand icon to activate the one-handed mode. You can see an arrow to position your keyboard from a side and reposition it. Remember, you can restore your keyboard with its icon on the top.

Quickly Change Wireless Network

If you want to swap between different wireless networks, you can do this on your android device. Open settings – Wi-Fi and swipe down to open “Quick Settings”. Click on your desired connection and get a list of available networks. Feel free to swap to eligible networks.