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How direct Wi-Fi helps you to connect multiple devices without using a router

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Looking for 7 inch android tablets for sale? Don’t worry we can help you get the best deals on the 7 inch android tablets for sale online! Today we have a very important feature of android phones to discuss. We were getting a lot of queries from our reader’s side and they are constantly asking us about the new Wi-Fi direct feature in the new top-notch android devices. We thought of searching about this feature in-depth and talk about it in detail with our readers so that they can understand the use of it and can start using it if they have this feature in their devices.

We recommend that you read the article in full detail till the very end so that you can know all about Wi-Fi direct and how you can use it on your 7 inch android tablets for sale version.

Do you need Wi-Fi to run Wi-Fi direct?

If you think that Wi-Fi connections have something to do with the Wi-Fi direct feature, then you are absolutely wrong because you don’t need any type of Wi-Fi or internet connection to run this feature. now understand this concept that the Wi-Fi direct feature is actually a connectivity feature just like the Bluetooth feature on Android phones. 

Now you must be thinking if we have Bluetooth device in our phones to connect with other devices then why do we need Wi-Fi direct so for your information the connectivity results and its reach is almost triple and more intense and strong then the Bluetooth connectivity of android phones.

Along with the connection being strong, there are more devices with Wi-Fi feature in them rather than having Bluetooth connectivity feature in them, and so you can connect these devices with your phone with just one click!

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Some important uses of the Wi-Fi direct!

If you want to know about the different features of the Wi-Fi direct, then you should know that you can easily connect a printer with your phone through the Wi-Fi direct feature. if you want to print anything, then your internet connection on your phone and your Wi-Fi direct feature will help you access the printer altogether, and you can directly print the desired content directly from the web! 

In the same manner, you can connect a scanner with your phone and use it in the same manner. You can also connect multimedia devices with 7 inch android tablets for sale and can test the sound quality and connection of your device and the multimedia source.

If you haven’t used the Wi-Fi direct feature to date, then you are missing a lot on your part. The Wi-Fi direct feature comes with the new android versions, and if you can update your device to the latest version, then you can easily enjoy Wi-Fi direct feature too. You can also give us your feedback about your experience with the new feature on your 7 inch android tablets for sale.