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5 Apps You Must Install in your Android Tablet

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Tablets are becoming popular for e-reading, media consumption, and productivity. The cheap android tablet pc can be better than smartphones. Their widescreen can decrease the chances of strain on your eyes. You can use a tablet to organize your life, manage different tasks, and complete assignments. For your assistance, numerous apps are available for Android and iOS users. Here are some popular apps that can increase the benefits of this tablet.

Adobe Apps

Adobe has several apps for Android, such as PDFs, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Express, etc. For photo editing, Android users often use Lightroom. These apps are free for everyone. You will need these apps to edit photographs, read books, and secure your documents.


If you want a cheap android tablet pc for entertainment, you will need Netflix. With this app, you can enjoy watching TV. Feel free to pair this app with a Chromecast and beam your content to a big-screen TV.

Moreover, you can get a TV Player to stream main channels, such as ITV, Channel 4 and BBC. For UK viewers, Sky+ is another app. You can use this app for recordings, change channels, and control playback.

Kindle to Read Books

Do you want to read books? Amazon Kindle can be an excellent reading platform. You can access tons of books and sync them to your device. A cheap android tablet pc can be an excellent choice to read electronic books with a large screen. The app has numerous reading options.

You can get the advantage of this app to download books for offline reading. A variety of free books are available. Google Play Books are excellent platforms for everyone.

cheap android tablet pc

Google Drive Suite

This suite is a suitable app for tablets. The full suite comes with Google Photos, Keep, Slides, Sheets, Docs, and Google Drive. You can get the advantage of integration with Google Apps, Google Calendar, and Gmail. Users can notice intertwined things for cloud and office storage.

With a cheap android tablet pcyou can access and backup photos, create spreadsheets, keep notes, and write stuff. You can enjoy great productivity with this app. If you are not satisfied with free storage, you can purchase extra Google Drive storage. Remember, 100GB is available for $1.99.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is famous among business professionals. Your tablet is incomplete without this app. Feel free to get a suite of apps for free from the play store. In this package, you can get PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft World, and cloud storage. 

For a cheap android tablet pc, you can get an office suite, cloud storage, and note-taking app. Feel free to buy it for free. You may not get a bunch of storage with OneDrive. If you want to increase your productivity, it can be a great option. It is a must-have app for your tablet.

Moreover, you will need a SwiftKey keyboard available for Android. This tablet is free for everyone. If you are not happy with the keyboard of your device, feel free to download it.