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What to Do When your Android Tablet is Stuck in a Boot Loop

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Many Android users try to customize and tweak their tablets by optimizing the operating system and internal systems. They do things like installing custom ROMs, rooting, unlocking boot loader, and so on. However, trying to do these things without the proper knowledge of procedures can be risky for the phone and the device can get into a boot loop. Other issues can be the device booting only in recovery mode or bootloader mode.

Boot loop is a very common issue in Android tablets and it can be fixed by wiping the device. The problem of boot loop usually appears when you try to flash the ROM and install a custom ROM. It is important to wipe the device after updating the firmware and if you somehow skip this step, the device will get into a boot loop and will not power on completely. In this solution, it is assumed that you have installed some custom recovery image on the device. You can make use of this recovery to wipe the device and fix the boot loop issue.

You need to understand that different devices have different procedures to enter the recovery mode. In the usual case, you just need to press a button combination (Volume Up and Home button together on Samsung tablets) while powering up the device. After entering the recovery mode, you will have to do the following steps.

  • Make use of the Volume buttons to move up and down in recovery mode.
  • Choose Advanced, then select Wipe Dalvik Cache, and wait for the process to finish successfully.
  • Once the cache is cleared, you can return to the main menu and choose Wipe Data Factory Reset. Wait for the rest to finish before proceeding.
  • Return to the main menu and select Wipe Cache Partition.
  • After the cache partition is wiped, you need to choose Reboot System Now and the system will reboot.

These are the simple steps to fix boot loop issue in Android tablets and mobile phones. In some of the instances, after installing the custom ROM, the device may enter directly to the recovery mode. In such scenarios, you can follow the steps after entering the recovery mode to wipe the system completely and see if the device turns on normally.