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How to Use Split Screen Mode in Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Split Screen Mode

Android tablets running on Nougat OS are compatible with split screen mode, giving multitasking capabilities for its users. It is a feature that has been on the radar of Samsung Galaxy tablets for a while now as well as of Nexus tablets running on stock Android Nougat operating system.

Users need to open an Android app in full screen to use the split-screen mode in a Nougat device, and tap and grab a hold of the intents button (also known as Recent Apps) to split up the screen. One half of the screen would be consumed by the running app, while the Nougat OS would suggest a list of previously-opened apps to run in the other half in portrait mode or landscape mode.

You would see a pop-up notice over the Android app not supporting the split-screen view. If you want to open an app from the list of apps, simply scroll down and tap on it, and then you can switch apps and do multitasking.

Split Screen through System Turner UI

If you want to change apps in split-screen mode and that app is not in your Recent Apps list, then tap on the intents button again and choose an app from the app drawer as usual. While you are navigating, the split-screen mode will turn off leaving you with a clear view of the tablet home screen.

To use split-screen mode in Nougat Android tablets alternatively, users need to toggle through to settings and dig a wee bit more. If you wanted to try that, go to Settings > About Tablet and go on tapping on the Build Number until you get the Developer Options Are Enabled message.

Depending on the tablet you have, you might have to press on the Build Number five times or seven times to enable Developer Options in Android Nougat. After that, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap and grab a hold of the Settings cogwheel atop the notification panel until Nougat reveals System UI Tuner Is Added To Your Settings message. Then, in System Turner UI, select Other, and tap on Enable Split-Screen Swipe-Up Gesture.

To go back to just one application, simply tap and grab a hold of the intents button once again. Split-screen is user-friendly and helps you to navigate the Android device effortlessly once you have learnt how to play with this feature.