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How to Speed Up your Android Tablet in a Few Minutes

Tablet PC Wholesale

Speed Up Android Tablet

Even the fastest Android device will become slow with time. Apps will take much time to open and transitions between screens will take much time. Your device will become frustrating to use, however, you need not fret, as this happens to every electronic device.

The good news is that you can do a few things to get back the speed of the device. The tips shared by tablet PC wholesale dealers can help speed up your tablet PC in a few minutes.

Clear the Cached Data

Cached data can be good unless it is slowing down the device. However, like all good things, cached data can also have drawbacks. Rarely used apps can also have cached data that can take up space and will need flushing. At times, cached data can be buggy and make the apps misbehave, especially when the data is obsolete.

To clear the cached data, open Settings, navigate to the storage page of the device, scroll down the list to Cached Data, and tap to select it. A pop-up will ask you to confirm removal of cached data. Select Yes to delete the cached data.

Delete Unused Apps

There can be many apps in our tablets, which we no longer use. These apps can slow down the tablet by using resources in the background, fragmenting the storage, and taking up the memory space. To delete any unwanted apps go to Settings and select App Manager. Here, you can see a list of all the apps installed in the device.

Select the app that you need to remove and tap on the Uninstall button. Do the same for all the apps that you need to remove. As you can always download these apps again if you need them in the future, do not hesitate to delete all the unwanted apps.

Clean Up Device Storage

After using the tablet for a long time, junk files will accumulate in it. There can be many unwanted photos and files in the device. To delete the images or videos that you no longer need, open Gallery, and select the files that you need to delete.

The next thing is to open the Downloads folder. It might be filled with photos, sound clips, videos, zip files, and many other files that you no longer need. Get rid of all those files that you do not need to free up storage space in your tablet.