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How to Run Android Tablets on Safe Mode

Android Tablets

Run Android Tablets On Safe Mode

If default Android apps have bugs, and your tablet clogs and hangs frequently, you can run Android tablets on Safe Mode to troubleshoot the issue. To disable the default applications clogging up, you will need to run your Android device in Safe Mode as that is not possible in standard mode. A battery drain may make you access Safe Mode, but don’t wait for the apps to clog up for longer periods.

When you enable the Safe Mode on Android tablets, only the default applications will be accessible to you. Default apps on Android include Camera, Calendar, Chrome, Calculator, and so on. The first and easiest method to run Android tablets on Safe Mode is to restart the device. Tap on the device’s power button for a few seconds and tap confirm on the Reboot to Safe Mode confirmation message appearing on the home screen. Once the device restarts, you will able to see the Safe Mode text appear on the bottom left corner of the home screen.

However, power button alone may not enable Safe Mode on some Android devices and hence you will need to know other ways to troubleshoot bugs. Shut down the Android tablet and press the Power and Volume Down key simultaneously to run your device in Safe Mode.

The same methods mentioned above to enable Safe Mode will let you disable Safe Mode. Once you disable Safe Mode, Android will return back to standard mode as usual. However, if the bugs persist, try the below steps to troubleshoot app bugs and make the Android tablet perform better.

Enabling Safe Mode on Android through Factory Reset

Factory reset will erase the contacts, messages, and photos alongside the passwords and other settings you have saved on Android tablets. So go to Settings > Backup & Reset menu before you factory reset your refurbished tablet. Under Backup & Reset, you will get to see Factory Data Reset with a warning that it would erase all data on the tablet. Take a backup before you proceed with factory reset.

Safe Mode at times gets enabled automatically such as when your app gets affected by malware, or when you push the power button by accident. Even if Android clogs up, stay calm and try the methods mentioned here to troubleshoot your device.