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How to Perform Factory Reset of Android Tablets

Android Tablet Wholesale

Performing Factory Reset

Factory reset is a default setting in Android tablets that will wipe out the entire data stored on the device and restore it to its pre existing condition. A factory reset is performed in a tablet when a certain issue occurs or when the tablet is put up for sale. Factory resetting is the preferred method when any glitches occur while using the device, which cannot be resolved through normal troubleshooting methods. Moreover, a factory reset is also carried out if the user is purchasing a pre owned device from an Android tablet wholesale dealer.

Performing a factory reset will remove all the data in the tablet except the operating system updates. The tablet is then restored into its original state when purchased with all the installed apps and the data removed. This way, the device will be cleared of any issues that are pertaining to apps or other data and will leave the tablet fresh for usage. Below is how to perform factory reset of Android tablets.

Backing up Data

One of the first things to do before performing a factory reset is to back up the entire data in the tablet. This can be either done to an external storage option like a personal computer or to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive. Backing up the data in the tablet is especially important since the factory reset will erase all the data. Note that tablets having the latest Android OS such as Marshmallow or above will automatically backup the data at regular intervals into Google Drive.

Performing Factory Reset

For performing factory reset of the tablet,

  • Go to the Settings app and navigate to the Backup & Reset Tap on the option to open up the expanded view.
  • On the top of the subsequent menu, ensure that that the Back Up My Data option is turned on. Tap on this option to turn it On if this is found in the Off
  • Plug the device into a power outlet and connect it to Wi-Fi network for backing up the data online. Leave the tablet plugged in until the battery holds sufficient charge for carrying out the operations.
  • Select the Factory Data Reset option located at the bottom of the menu after the data in the device is backed up to the cloud or servers.

During the factory reset, the tablet will reboot and sometimes display the progress about the erasing of data. The operating system will reboot after the factory reset is completed, which returns the device to its original state.