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How to Configure Custom Ringtones on an Android Tablet

Customizations are a given on Android tablet devices. If you have a device featuring the latest version of Android, you can customize anything from ringtones to how Android notifies phone calls among other customizations. If you are tired of hearing the default ringtone on your tablet when someone calls, then you may want things to freshen up.

Surely, there are sound files with a mellow and enjoyable tune on Android, but you might still need a workaround to add your favorite pop song or music number as the ringtone. In fact, there are two workarounds for the same.

On Android Nougat, you can go to the directory where the sound file contains and then copy-paste the file to the Ringtones folder in the internal storage. Once you are done with that, simply navigate to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and then you can see the pasted sound file listed there.

Select the sound file from the respective path to make it the ringtone on your Android device. However, in some older versions of Android, you would need to enable the storage permissions first from Settings > App Permissions > Storage, and tap on the Contacts toggle to enable picking a sound track from the internal storage of the Android tablet or other devices.

As with setting the ringtone to specific contacts, open the Contacts app on your Android tablet, tap on Edit denoted by a small pencil, and open the overflow menu denoted by three vertical dots. Then, you can see an option to Set Ringtone. If you do this, the assigned ringtone will only play when the specific person in your contact list calls you. However, when you assign a general ringtone, the same can be heard no matter who makes an incoming call to your phone number.

Alternatively, you can also download the previous sound files stored in Google Drive and then assign the same from either the internal storage or from the contact editing menu. Apart from that, you can also download and install a caller ID recognizing app to make phone calling from an Android tablet all the more convenient to use. Nonetheless, tweaking the settings on the device would be a more simpler option.