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Helpful Tips for New Android Tablet Users

Android Tablet Wholesale

Helpful Android Tips

For those accustomed to other devices, using an Android tablet for the first time can get quite confusing. The plethora of features and other options available on an Android tablet provides a different experience to the user than most other devices. Moreover, tablets equipped with Android OS come with different customization options that enable the user to personalize the device according to their requirements. For new users who have brought Android tablets wholesale, below are some helpful tips in using the tablet for the first time.

USB Mass Storage Device

Android tablets, when connected to a PC through a USB connection, provide the user with direct access to all the files and folders stored in the device. In this way, tablets can be used as a USB mass storage device as it allows one to copy and store any kinds of data like images, music, video, text, etc. The capacity to store the files depends on the available device memory.

Google Account

Having a Google account is necessary when setting up the Android tablet for the first time. For that, simply enter the fields using the credentials that you use to login to your Google account on a computer. If you never have an account, create one first before setting up the device.

Lock Screen

After configuring the initial setups like account registration, the tablet will display a lock screen with a lock icon. To navigate to the menu, one has to go beyond the lock screen layout, which can be done by tapping on the lock icon. To unlock the device, simply drag the smaller circle to the outer circle.

Deleting Desktop Icons

The increased customization options provided by Android OS enable users to personalize the desktop in any way they want. This includes deleting the icons and apps in the tablet start screen or “desktop”. For deleting an icon in the desktop screen, press, hold, and drag it to the trash icon displayed above. This varies with the device, with some having the trash icon appearing at either the lower left portion or the bottom of the screen.

App Compatibility

As Android apps are not compatible with all of the devices, it is necessary to check whether the app is compatible with your tablet. Most apps are designed for use with smartphones and will not work well with tablets due to their larger screen size and pixel density. So when searching for an app in the Play Store, make sure that it is compatible with your Android device.