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Five Highly Effective Apps Available for Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Five Effective Apps

Androids tablets come with an assortment of different apps that focus on many aspects from entertainment to productivity. These are available in the Play Store and are helpful for a wide range of applications. Besides paid ones, many of the useful apps are available in free versions too. Downloading and installing these apps in your tablet will surely assist regarding your various needs. Below are some of the highly effective and useful apps available for Android tablets.

Airline Apps

Airline apps are provided by all the major airlines operating in the country and around the word. Nowadays, these apps come with several updated features that enable one in using the app as boarding pass alongside making reservations and verifying flight status. All the major airline apps feature regular updates that to eliminate any bugs, install new features, and increase the overall performance of the app. Besides flight status and reservations, these apps can also notify the user regarding any flight delays or changes and other available flights.

Google Docs

For users inclined to use their Android tablets for productivity, Google Docs is the best apps available in the Play Store. It is a collection of different apps suitable for office or businesses such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. Google Docs have the advantage over Microsoft’s range of Office apps because they allow improved document sharing features.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a highly effective and useful app that assists in translating foreign language into English. It is especially useful for those who travel with their tablets to different regions around the world. Besides, its immense use among foreign country travels, the Google Translate app can also be used for educating oneself with different languages.


Flixster is the ultimate entertainment app for users interested in knowing about all the latest happening in Hollywood. With this app, users can know about the latest movie releases, premieres, and openings. Moreover, the app can collect information from different theaters like showtimes and movies and provide it to the user. In addition, Flixster has ties with Rotten Tomatoes, one of the most trusted movie review sites on the web.

Voice Recorder

Voice recorder apps will enable the user to record conversations and audio output from other sources directly into their tablet. Such apps usually feature a simple interface that enables one with easy navigation. These apps are highly useful for those involved in the profession of journalism, business, etc.