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5 Must-Have Tablet Apps for Senior Citizens

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Technology has undoubtedly become one of the most essential parts of our lives. However, some elder individuals might find it hard to adjust with the latest technological advances such as tablets and smartphones. They see these devices just as a medium to connect and talk with their friends and loved ones.

However, there are a lot more to these devices and most of them are a lot user-friendly and easy to operate. Here are a few incredible applications, which every senior citizen should install on his/her tablet.

Senior Phone

This app is designed in order to replace the standard screen on your Android tablet. A senior tablet user can transform his/her standard screen into large, colored, and differentiated options with clear texts and icons instead of the home screen with plenty of unnecessary icons. In addition to that, the user can also send a panic message in just a single click of the “SOS” button.

Magnifying Glass with Flashlight

This application will help you to read small prints such as a restaurant menu or the note on a prescription bottle. This app has a simple interface and it instantly turns your camera into a flashlight, which makes the test easily readable. This app is arguably the best digital magnifier application, because it offers both flashlight and magnifier options.


This app significantly improves the kindle functionality of your tablet and transforms the device into a convenient eBook reader. Senior tablet users will certainly appreciate the text-to-speech function, built-in dictionary, as well as the ease of access to adjust the brightness and to enlarge the text. In addition to that, this app also offers access to a huge collection of exceptional books.


LibriVox is an absolute treat for the tablet users who find it hard to read on their tablet devices. This app offers users access to over 15,000 free audio books, which is read by volunteers. You can either download the books or stream them online. Users can find books in all different genres in this app, from non-fiction novelties and literature books to timeless classic fiction.


The MedWatcher app helps you to schedule your exercises and medications. This app also gives you access to medical uses, drug descriptions, as well as provides details about the side effects of each drug. The functionally of this app is tested and approved by experts, and it also allows you to report the side effects of a drug directly to the FDA.