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4 Tricks to Try on Google Play Store for an Android Tablet User

Android Tablet

Google Play Store Tricks

Google Play Store has plenty of applications, both free and buyable apps, in different genres for the Android platform. However, apart from downloading the Android apps or updating them, you can do many things via Google Play Store from anywhere. Some useful Play Store tricks for those using an Android tablet are listed below.

Install the Android Apps from the PC

Open Play Store on a web browser like Google Chrome. To install an app from Play Store via Chrome, visit the site on your laptop or PC, search for the app and then tap on Install. Then, you would be prompted to sign in to your Google Account. Enter the credentials and password; you will be redirected to Play Store then, where you can choose an Android tablet you have previously signed in with.

Monitor Android Devices Linked to Google Account

You can see and monitor the Android devices linked to Gmail on the desktop version of Google Play Store. When you open the site on Chrome, click on Settings icon located at the top-right corner of the screen, denoted by turning gears. Then, click on Settings from the drop-down menu, which appears on Play Store and uncheck the Show In Menus checkbox next to the listed Android tablet under My Devices list. If you do that, no one can access Play Store on PC and install an Android app to your device situated elsewhere without you knowing.

Enable the Authentication on Play Store

People tend to link their credit cards to the Play Store app on Android to make in-app purchases. This may lead to someone else using your Android tablet to purchase an app of their liking without your permission. However, you can safeguard the in-app purchases or simply buying of apps, and avoid the accidental billing by enabling the authentication on the Play Store app. For that, open the app on your Android tablet and navigate to Settings > Require Authentication for Purchases.

Get the Feedbacks from App Developers

When we download or update Android applications from Google Play Store, we give some feedback as reviews to the app developer. Some of the feedback may be troubleshooting in nature regarding how to fix certain errors you find on an app. On Play Store, go to Settings and check the second checkbox under Email Preferences to get notifications on Gmail whenever an app developer replies to your reviews on the app page.